In this absurdist drama, Madeleine and Amédée are a bickering middle aged couple who never leave their apartment, their lives dominated by ‘him’, a dead man with glowing eyes, who is growing larger and larger every day, and causing mushrooms to sprout all over the house. When the dead man has grown so much that his feet are pushing against the door, Amédée is faced with the grim task of getting rid of him. Just before doing so, he looks out of window and sees the unfathomable beauty of the night….

How beautiful the night is! […] Look, Madeleine…all the acacia trees are aglow. Their blossoms are bursting open and shooting up to the sky. The full-blown moon is flooding the Heavens with light, a living planet. The Milky Way is like a creamy fire. Honeycombs, countless galaxies, comets’ tails, celestial ribbons, rivers of molten silver, and brooks, lakes and oceans of palpable light…[He turns towards MADELEINE, his hands outstretched:] …There’s some on my hand. Look, it’s like velvet or lace…[…] Light is silky…I’d never touched it before…[He looks through the window again.] Sheaves of blossoming snow, trees in the sky, gardens and meadows…domes and cupolas…columns and temples…[Indicating the dead man regretfully:] He won’t be able to see all this. [At the window again:] And space, space, infinite space!