Antigone has been buried alive as a punishment for trying to bury her brother, Polynices, who is considered a traiter by the The Ruler, Creon.  Creon has commanded that Polynices’ body be denied funeral rites and left to rot on the hill, where vultures will devour it.

O grave, my bridal chamber, everlasting prison within a rock: now I must go to join my own, those many who have died and whom Persephone has welcomed home; And now to me, the last of all, so young, Death comes, so cruelly. And yet I go in the sure hope that you will welcome me, Father, and you, my mother; you, my brother. For when you died it was my hands that washed and dressed you, laid you in your graves and poured the last libations. Now, because of you, Polyneices, I have given burial, to me they give a recompense like this!