There has been a wedding in the village. But the bride went missing during the reception, and it transpired that she had run away, on horseback, with Leandro, an ex boyfriend who was a guest at the wedding. The bride’s new husband and the guests chased the runaways into the forest, where Leandro and the bridegroom ended up killing each other. Now the bride has come back and is in her dead husband’s mother’s house, full of anguish and ready to face her mother-in-law’s hatred and rage….

Let her be. I came here so she could kill me and they could carry me with them. (To the MOTHER.) But not with your hands: with wire hooks, with a harrow, with a spade, until my bones break. Let her be! Because I want her to know that I am clean, that I may be mad, but that they can bury me without any man having seen the whiteness of my breasts. […]
Because I went with the other one, I went! (Full of anguish.) You would have gone too. I was a burnt woman, full of wounds inside and out, and your son was a little drop of water from whom I expected sons, land and health; but the other was a dark river, full of branches, who brought to me the sound of his rushes and the singing between his teeth. And I was running with your son who was like a little boy of cold water, and the other kept sending me great flocks of white doves which stopped me walking and left scorch marks on my wounds, the wounds of a poor lost woman, of a girl caressed by fire. I never loved – listen to me! I never loved him. Your son was my goal and I never deceived him, but the arm of the other dragged me on like waves of the sea and would have dragged me always always always even though I had been an old woman and all the sons of your son dragged me back by the hair! […]
Be quiet! Take your revenge. That’s why I’m here. See how soft my neck is; it’ll be easier than pruning a flower in your garden. But no! I am honourable, as honourable as a newborn child. And strong enough to prove it. Light a fire. We’ll put our hands in the flame: you for your son, me for my honour. And you’ll take yours out first.