Blood wedding is a play about bloodlines and forbidden desire. A wedding between two young people in the village is being organised. But the Bride-to-be has history with a member of the notorious Felix family, Leonardo, and on the morning of her wedding he shows up as she is getting ready. The following is what he says to her: 

I just want to know something. So tell me. What did I mean to you? Open the chest of your memory. Open it wide. Two oxen and a tiny house are worth almost nothing. But that’s all I had. That’s where it wounds me. […] I’m tied to you. You know that. You made the rope. With your own hands. They can kill me, those others, but they’ve no right to spit on me. All your silver gleams so bright. It spits on people sometimes […] After I got married I’ve thought night and day about whose fault it was and every time I think of this I think of another fault that eats the one before. But there’s always someone. There’s always someone to blame! […] Do you know the worst thing? The worst thing we can do to ourselves? It’s to keep silent. To keep silent and burn. What use was my pride to me and not looking at you and leaving you awake night after night? No use! All it did was fan the flames! And you think that time will cure everything and that walls will cover everything up, but it’s not true. It’s not true. When you get to the heart of things, you cannot make them disappear! […] 
There could be no peace for me unless I said these things. I got married. You get married now.