Hamlet’s father has been murdered by his uncle, who has now taken Hamlet’s widowed mother for his wife.  Ophelia, who Hamlet is in love with, is losing her mind and besides, he has no chance with her. Hamlet’s world is falling apart; in this speech he asks himself whether or not he should go on living.

Six from Labor Day by Sheri Winter
Why does today feel like the saddest day of the year? It always has. From early on. I died a small death every September. Every first day of school. The feeling that something was over. Why do we follow clocks and calendars? Daylight savings and New Year’s? Why the divisions? Why the markers? Do we really have to make it so obvious that time is passing? That our sisters are now mothers, our parents now grandparents? That the last remnants of our child-hood have all but slipped through our fingers? (Beat) I am staying in these clothes. I am staying in these clothes and safe from breast cancer and ovarian cancer and all other diseases that ignore the young. My legs will stay smooth with thin, hidden veins. My parents will not turn sixty butstay the age they were when they each took a hand and lifted me over puddles. I  will not allow another season to pass. I can’t stop that blasted ball dropping on New Year’s but I will stop this.