Miss Julie and the servant, John, were about to run away together, but John has killed Miss Julie’s pet bird because they can’t take it with them. This cruel act of cold pragmatism on John’s part has tipped Julie over the edge.

Who’s scared of blood? Who’s scared of blood? Tell me, who’s scared of blood?
(She kisses him aggressively then thrusts her hand into his trousers.)
How much would this bleed? Would it bleed like me…like last night…? I could use your skull to drink from…open you up like a carcass and climb inside you…thrash about in your weak, wet, chest…roast your heart with my breath and eat it whole. You think I’m weak? Because I wanted you inside me? It’s just biology – just chemicals – you think I want to run away with you and carry your brats in my body…feed your spawn with my blood…you’ve got another think coming Mister…come on! You think I want your child? You think I want to take your name? Look at me…What is your name? Your surname? I’ve never heard it… maybe you haven’t got one? I’d be Mrs Scum, Mrs Barrow Boy…mmm? Is that what you want? A nice little wife? A nice girl like me? You dog who wears my crest upon your buttons. That’s what you are! Buttons. You think I’d share you with my cook? Come on…aren’t you having fun?
(She removes her hand and sits at the table.)
Daddy will be home soon, he finds his desk open, second drawer down, his money gone.
He rings on the bell – twice for his lackey – that’s you – and then he sends for the police. And I say it was HIM officer. (cockney) ‘He’s the one what did it’. And I tell them everything. And then Daddy has a heart attack and drops down dead. End of the line. The train will terminate at this station. The bloodline clots. No heirs. No more of us. Dead. But what of the lackey? Oh, that’ll be the paupers’ line, third stop after the gutter, it ends in jail.