Ruth and her husband are being haunted by his ex wife’s ghost, Elvira. Ruth has had enough of sharing her husband with a ghost, and after being insulted by the ghost yet again, she finally loses patience.

 This is intolerable! I’ve been doing my level best to control myself ever since yesterday morning, and I’m damned if I’m going to try any more, the strain is too much. She has the advantage of being able to say whatever she pleases without me being able to hear her, but she can hear me all right, can’t she, without any modified interpreting? You haven’t told me once what she really said—you wouldn’t dare. Judging from her photograph she’s the type who would use most unpleasant language. I’ve been making polite conversation all through dinner last night and breakfast and lunch today—and it’s been a nightmare—and I am not going to do it any more. I don’t like Elvira any more than she likes me, and what’s more, I’m certain that I never could have, dead or alive. If, since her untimely arrival here the other evening, she had shown the slightest sign of good manners, the slightest sign of breeding, I might have felt differently towards her, but all she has done is try to make mischief between us and have private jokes with you against me. I am now going up to my room and I shall have my dinner on a tray. You and she can have the house to yourselves and joke and gossip with each other to your heart’s content. The first thing in the morning I am going up to London to interview the Psychical Research Society, and if they fail me I shall go straight to the Archbishop of Canterbury….