The Goat or Who is Syvia is a play that excavates the limits of a self-proclaimed liberal society. Martin, a prize-winning architect has, until now, been happily married to his intelligent, committed wife Stevie. Billy, their son, has enjoyed a happy, balanced childhood and a good relationship with his parents – until now….


They asked us at school to talk about how normal our lives were, how conventional it all was, and how did we feel about it. I think what I’ll tell them is this. […]That I’ve been living with two people about as splendid as you can get. That if I’d been born to other people, it couldn’t have been any better. No really, you two guys are about as good as they come. You’re smart, and fair, and you have a sense of humor, both of you – and you’re democrats. You’ve let me have it better than a lot of kids have…. a lot of Moms and Dads – as far as I can tell.

At least that’s what I thought. Until yesterday. Until the shit hit the fan! And the talk I was going to do became history. What will I say now?! Goodness me! Well, let’s see.. I came home yesterday and everything had been great. Absolutely normal, therefore great. Great parents, great house, great cheese, great cars.  You, know, the old great. But then today I come home and what do I find? I find my great mom and my great dad talking to great good friend Ross about how great good Dad has been out in the barnyard fucking animals. ANIMALS!

Well, one in particular. A Goat. A fucking goat. You see, while great old mom and great old Dad have been doing the great old parent thing one of them has been down in the cellar digging a pit so deep, so wide, so HUGE, we’ll all fall in and never be able to climb out again, no matter how much we want to, how hard we try… But you see, I love these people. I love the man whose been down there digging. When he’s not giving it to a goat.. I love this man. I love him.